Other Pics

Chicago my 1st trip, It was a stop over on my way back To Vancouver /BC

Downtown Chicago an other one: Sears Tower, Chicago is a typically North American city with its skyscrapers, everything is huge…

Willis Tower is an other Model of American Grandiose

let’s back up a bit, it was back in early 2002,when I was still in BC/Vancouver, the ferry came into the Vancouver port.

Long time ago, I grew up in ….I guess you know this famous Lanmark? well, it’s supposed to be 7th Marvel of the World!

Before I moved to Canada, I traveled “a bit”, let’s head to Scandinavia: Kopenhagen,Oslo.When the winter season arrives, you can see the rise of the sea level.

When I took this pic in summer, we can see the sea has receded,there were a huge difference!

I took the night train from Kopenhagen to Oslo, it was amazing trip
An other trip to the Rockies Mountain before I moved to Toronto/Ontario.
Rockies Mountain
Poznan in 2012
Little Mermaid in Warsaw
Stay tuned!

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