The Euro adventures in Poland 2012

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I think it’s time to start a blog, it’s not a diary like Bridget Jones’s diary! you see what I mean ? it’s a journal, something happens in my life which I like, I dear.. but I’d like to focus on my travel journal, because the gossip has its place on FB already :-)

So tomorrow, July/16, will be the historic day since I start to write ALL My travel memories until last month.I have to  memorize all of that with a little help from my pics, I should be able to remember where, when and what ?

Stay tuned!


Departure to Paris from Toronto,

it took almost 7 hours to land in Paris CDG, as usually there were some delays! as I arrived, My brother and I went straight to Rolland Gaross to attend the Women single final where Maria Sharapova won her 1st French title.

French open 2012

I rest 1 day just to recover from the jet lag

Sunday, June/10
I start to pack up for my Eastern adventure aka Poland!


Departure : Paris-Poznan via Dusseldorf

Arrive: Poznan in the afternoon

Polish Fans welcome Euro 2012!

Not knowing a single Polish Word,  hoping  my host won’t be late or she shows up soon or later!

Poznan Train Station

This  pic is not from the airport but the train station( I get back on that :-)
My host lives close to the city center! as soon as I arrived at her appartment, I went out a for city tour..

Me @ Poznan Fan Zone

the Euro 2012 atmosphere is everywhere, I can’t wait to visit the stadium…and the city. Polish people are really warm, friendly, they’re different from what I’ve met in Canada!


Before France/England in Poznan Fan Zone

I didn’t make my trip for nothing since this monday Jun/11 was England/France so we got to the Fan Zone. After the game, I did some tourism things in Poznan, the city has some WW2 vestige even though it was not destroyed, so the old town is still there with all the monuments, landmarks…

Some Irish Fans in Poznan

At the city center, Euro fans were everywhere, Irish, Croatians, too bad France played in Ukraine :-(

One of the Famous Polish Writer!

One of the famous church in Poznan..The next day I took the train to Warsaw, the city is magnificent! pics say thousands of words :-), the Euro atmosphere is everywhere, the National team plays here and you can feel the Polish patriotism!

Miasta in Warsaw/ Little Mermaid


Polish Hero

Frederick Chopin

If I really miss that when  I was little I’ve learnt about famous Polish Pianist Chopin right here in his public garden.

A Peacock in Warsaw ? yes it’s , I stumbled on her, what a beautiful bird

The city center welcomes the Euro Fans!

Unknown soldier in Warsaw

I’m so glad , I’ve made it !

I wish I was inside the National Stadium

There are countless  monuments in Warsaw

It doesn’t look like a garden in Warsaw but it is

Before Poland/Russia with CouchSurfing!

I was right in the city center, met some surfers, had some Polish beer,food and nice, warm evening in the capital

Worldwide presence, needless to say, what a shame my host was not there.

I’m still in Warsaw Garden :-)

Jun/15, I return to Poznan by Train, once I get to Poznan in the afternoon, I went to visit the Poznan Stadium,then I started to pack up to return to Paris. So Saturday Jun/16, I had to wake up @ 4am, my  fly was due @ 6am, what the heck SAS flies early  morning?.On my way back from Warsaw to Poznan,I was sad, I was even sad when I took the cab to the airport of Poznan, I was touched by the Polish warmth, friendship, simplicity…Just wondering when I come back to Poland and meet these wonderful people again ?

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You’re at the right place, bear with me until I upload all my pics, travel journal

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